Getting Help Abroad

When traveling abroad and you run into trouble, perhaps you lose your passport or are robbed of all your money, your going to need help.  The easiest way to get help and information on what you should do is by being enrolled in the STEP program. Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) The Smart Traveler Enrollment … [Read more…]

New TSA Rules

Starting on April 25, 2013, the TSA will allow passengers to bring small knives with blades measuring no more than 2.36 inches long and are less than ½ inch wide, on board planes as carry-on’s.  Along with other formally restricted items such as novelty-sized and toy bats, billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks … [Read more…]

Airline Meals

If you are expecting to be served a meal on an upcoming flight and want to see ahead of time what to expect, is a website where you can go and look at photos of airline meals posted by previous passengers. Photos and reviews are organized and sorted by airline name and seat class. … [Read more…]