Smooth Hound This website is my all time favorite place to look for accommodations. From this site you can search for accommodations around the world. The thing I really love about Smooth Hound is that they not only list the bigger hotels but also smaller private hotels, guest houses and B&B’s which the larger travel search … [Read more…]

Long Layovers

If you have ever experienced a long layover in a connecting city you know how miserable it can be. How much shopping can you really do in a airport. On my upcoming trip to South Africa my family will have a 5 hour layover in London on the way there and a 8 hour layover … [Read more…]

Safety When Traveling

Security and personal safety is always on my mind when I travel. Often people forget about these things when roaming around a beautiful tourist friendly city. But traveler’s are always targets. If its not a pick pock its someone trying to scam some money off of you. For example, while in Paris, I was trying … [Read more…]

Airline Fee’s & Reward Levels

If you feel like the airlines have stuck it to you recently with all the new fee’s and changes get ready for a few more jabs. Some airlines including US Airways are now charging for drinks and I don’t mean the kind with alcohol. If you want a glass of water or soda you will … [Read more…]

Packing for Kids

When vacationing with kids its important to give some serious thought into what you will pack for them. When traveling with my young son I always had a few surprises for him throughout the trip. For several months before the trip I bought a few small toys and tucked them away. I wouldn’t give them … [Read more…]

Earm Miles or Paypal Credits by Taking Surveys this site you take surveys and earn rewards. Its very easy to do. The surveys take about 15 minutes. Its free to signup. Definitely worth checking out and a easy way to earn miles. I just took a survey and earned 75 American Airlines miles. Remember to register with American Airlines on their site … [Read more…]

Reward Credit Cards

Even though it seems to be getting harder to use air miles to get free tickets , its still worth it when you can use them. You can often use them for other things besides tickets. Sometimes you can cash them out or even purchased suit cases so if you have a miles card check … [Read more…]

Tips For Cruisers

When boarding the cruise ship you will be separated from your luggage. After boarding the ship it can take several hours before your luggage is delivered to your cabin. So rather then sitting around in your travel cloths, pack a bathing suit, flip flops or a pair of shorts in your carry on. This way … [Read more…]

Free Things to do in London, Rome & Paris

London The National Gallery – Gallery houses one of the greatest collections of Western European painting in the world. These pictures belong to the public and entrance to see them is free.  St. Martin-in-the Fields – A 1726 church that hosts a series of free lunchtime concerts at 1pm everyday except Wednesdays and Sundays. The … [Read more…]