Travel Friendly Airports

If you have ever done any traveling you know no matter how much planning you do it never fails, you always end up what seems like never ending hours at the airport.  And after killing a few minutes at the gift shops your pretty much out of things to do.  A few airports have heard … [Read more…]

Using Your Credit Card in Europe

In many European countries as well as some others, you may find it difficult to use your credit cards in some places.  Especially kiosks you might find at train and subway stations.  Companies want credit cards with “chip and pins.”   Unfortunately those cards are not yet available here in the States.   Mastercard and Visa say … [Read more…]

Women Welcome Women World Wide

Women Welcome Women World Wide (or 5W for short) is an international organization that brings women together for travel and friendship.  They have been around since 1984 and arrange for women, whether traveling alone or with a partner, to meet with a local for lunch, a drink, a tour or whatever they agree upon.  Some … [Read more…]

Share Your Travel Blog

Get the word out about your blog.  You can now share your travel blog with others on the new forums page.  Tell people about your blog and post a link.

Elephant Charging in South Africa

While planning a trip to South Africa a couple of years ago my main focus of the trip was to see the animals. Being a animal lover I was excited to see the animals in there natural surroundings without any fences and cages.  On this particular day this elephant was not so happy to see us … [Read more…]

Let’s Go To London!

Everybody is talking about London now that the Olympics have taken place there.   London is one of my favorite places to visit but it is also one of the most expensive cities in Europe.  A trip to London is not going to be a cheap trip but there are things you can do to cut … [Read more…]

US Airways Now Offers New Meal Choice

US Airways is now offering a new upgraded meal option to economy passengers on international flights on routes to Europe, the Middle East and South America.  The optional DineFresh meal selections can be purchased for $19.99 and must be purchased at least 24 hours in advanced.  You have two options: Citrus-marinated chicken skewers This chilled meal includes … [Read more…]

Freighter Cruises

Freighter cruising has always been of curiosity to me.  I know of some people who swear by them and wouldn’t cruise any other way.  But these are not your typical cruises and are not for everyone.  On board these cruises you won’t find any Broadway style shows, numerous places to eat at, never ending entertainment, … [Read more…]

Onefinestay Private Home Rentals

Onefinestay specializes in renting private homes to travelers in London and New York.  Their niche in the private home rental market competing against other companies such as homeaway and VRBO, especially since they only cover two cities, is that they seek out properties with character.  The guests also deal directly with Onefinestay not the home … [Read more…]