Airline Passenger Rights

On CNN News this morning there was a story about several planes in Maine, who had planes full of international passengers who were made to sit on the tarmac for over 7 hours, some over 8 hours. Some passengers were told they couldn’t get off the plane because all the custom agents had gone home, … [Read more…]

Unusual Airports

Kansai International Airport – JapanWith land being scarce in Japan, engineers decided to create their own land. About 3 miles off the shore of Osaka Bay, a manmade island was created so a airport could be built there. The island is 2.5 miles long and 1.6 miles wide. Work started in 1987 and was completed … [Read more…]

Cell Phone Language Translators

These language transation app are great from travelers.  Language barriers can be very frustrating.  One time while my family was in Florence, Italy, we were having pizza at this little restaurant when the waitress came over and said something in Italian. I thought she said “do you want some more” referring to my drink. So I said no.  … [Read more…]

Prepaid Cash Card

Back in the day traveler’s always used traveler’s check but now because of all the fraud, many places don’t like traveler’s checks. And many people aren’t comfortable carrying around a bunch of cash. Credit cards are the usual choice when traveling aboard but with the high currency exchange fee’s people are looking for another option. … [Read more…]

Having Tea in England

If your planning a trip to England and want the full English experience you have to go for tea. There are a number of nice hotels around London where you can have tea. One of the oldest and best known is The Ritz, who has been serving tea for over a hundred years. Tea will … [Read more…]

Airline Anecdotes

Every once in a while a flight attendant will try to lighten the mood in the cabin with a little flight humor.  Here are a few examples of funny comments made by flight attendant.  “Weather at our destination is 50 degrees with some broken clouds, but they’ll try to have them fixed before we arrive. … [Read more…]

Whacky Laws

People who travel regularly know the things to watch out for when traveling to a foreign country. Don’t drink the water, be prepared for delays or know the local customs as far as tipping, but most there are also some really crazy laws out there that can catch travelers off guard. Here are a few … [Read more…]

Getting Bumped

Its that familiar sound, your at the airport when over the loud speaker the gate agent announces the flight is overbooked and they are looking for someone who is willing to give up their seat and travel on a later flight. And quicker then you can blink people are offering their seats. What do they … [Read more…]

Mind Your Manners

When we travel to other countries we usually assume as long as we act in a way that would be considered polite here at home, we’re good to go.  However that is not always the case.  Different countries may consider a certain behavior, that is perfectly acceptable here, as rude or disrespectful.  That’s why its important … [Read more…]


Bedbugs are becoming a huge problem. Not only are they infesting people’s homes but also hotels, stores, businesses and college dorms. Travelers need to be alert, even if they are staying in an upper class hotel, it doesn’t guarantee them safety from bedbugs. Its good to get into the habit of looking at your bed … [Read more…]