Ice Berge Dead Ahead! – Again? The Titanic II

Ever think it would have been cool to have sailed on the Titanic, well except for that whole sinking thing.  After all it was a grand, first class ship and it was a time when things were done with class and style.  The ship was beautiful and had true elegance which is something a lot of ships today are missing. 

Well, now you will have your chance to sail on the Titanic, or rather the Titanic II.  Which will be an almost exact replica of the original Titanic.  Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, chairman of the Titanic II Blue Star Line is building the Titanic II which is scheduled to make its first voyage in 2016 and yes it will be making the same voyage the original ship made.  The ship which will cost $500 million to complete, will have the same features and amenities as the first Titanic with the major differences being a special area on the bow of the ship so passengers can recreate the iconic scene “I’m flying” from the movie with Jack and Rose.  As well as an extra deck to provide better visibility for the bridge, a few extra feet to adhere to international stability codes and yes, enough life boats for all the passengers.

Some people may not want to temp fate by sailing on the Titanic II while others will embrace its nostalgia, however if you do want to sail on this ship you will have to drop some serious change, it’s rumored that the best first class cabins will go for $1 million.