Travel Friendly Airports

If you have ever done any traveling you know no matter how much planning you do it never fails, you always end up what seems like never ending hours at the airport.  And after killing a few minutes at the gift shops your pretty much out of things to do.  A few airports have heard the cry’s of travelers and have tried to make travelers stay at their airport a little less painful.

Amsterdam: Houses an annex of the Rijksmuseum with a small collection of Dutch Golden Age masterpieces and rotating exhibits.

Las Vegas: McCarran International has 1,300 slot machines, the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum plus the offer free WiFi.

Hong Kong: Has a four story high 4D Extreme Screen, where visitors can not only watch blockbuster films but also go inside them with the help of real life special effects and 3D glasses.

Portland: Portland International Airport offers live music and exhibits local artist.

Seoul: Incheon International houses the National Korean Museum and other cultural areas, as well as jungle gyms for kids.

Singapore: Changi International houses a two story tropical garden with 47 butterfly species native to Singapore and Asia.

Taipei: Taoyuan International has an gate area designed with Hello Kitty, including a shop and a childrens play area.

Vancouver: The cities international airport hosts a nearly 30,000 gallon aquarium with 1,000 different marine species.