Tips From Travelers

Transfers in London
There were six of us going on a cruise that departed from Dover, England.  We were looking for transportation from the airport to a pre-cruise hotel and from the hotel to the ship pier in Dover.  After doing a great deal of research the best deal I found was with Express Ways (phone: 08456 12 12 12, fax: 020 8883 6142,   There was no upfront charges, we paid the driver in cash.  The charge from Heathrow Airport to our London hotel was $82 for four of us and $57 for two of us and from the hotel to the pier in Dover $240 for all six of us which was about half the price of other companies.  We were very pleased with their service, they were on time and it was a pleasant experience.

Linda in Texas


Driving in Ireland
While on vacation in Ireland with my wife, we rented a car.  I took along my GPS to help navigate the roads.  Don’t forget to update your maps before you go.  Many of the maps in GPS’s are older and can be out dated which we often found.  We ended up using our smart phones to down maps and navigation apps.  However you can’t always get a signal so if you go this route you need to download maps ahead of time so each night while at our hotel while we could get WiFi we would download maps for the next day.  Also with GPS we found it like to take us on the most direct route, even if that meant taking us down a cow path rather than an actual road.  So I recommend always having an old fashion paper map with you, in the end it still seems to be the most reliable. 

Stephen in North Carolina


Train Tickets in Italy
Before leaving on my trip through Italy I purchased several tickets from Trenitalia (  It’s easy to setup an account and I purchased all my long distant train trips in Super Economy.  By booking ahead I saved a considerable amount of money.  For example, a ticket from Trieste, Italy to Padova usually cost $35 but by booking it ahead of time online I only paid $9.  The Super Economy fare seats are limited but available on most routes throughout the day.  Refunds and changes are not permitted so you are restricted to the ticket purchased but the savings are worth it.  When purchasing the ticket you have the choice to receive your confirmation, including your passenger number reference (PNR) code, by mobile device or email.  I could also choose to receive my payment receipt by email or have the conductor issue me one on board the train.  This allowed me to board my train without having to pickup a printed ticket or worry about getting a paper ticket stamped before boarding.  On board the conductor just checked the PNR code on my ticket against his electronic printout. 

 Patricia, California