Skip the Safety Drill: Get Kicked off the Cruise Ship

On May 12, 2012 the cruise line Seabourn gave the boot to an elderly couple from California after the wife missed the the ship’s mandatory passenger safety drill before the ship departed Lisbon. 

According to the couples travel agent, they had booked a 20 day, three leg cruise from Rome to Hamburg, Germany and had participated in the drill in Rome.  At the start of the second leg of the trip in Lisbon the 84 year old woman decided not to attend to drill because she was not feeling well.  Her 90year old husband did attend the drill. 

Fifteen minutes after the drill, an officer was knocking on her door to see why she had not attended the drill.  What happened next is only known between the couple and the cruise line but an hour later the couple was on the pier watching the ship sail away without them.

Every since the Costa Concordia disaster cruise line’s take the safety drills extremely serious have have zero tolerance when it comes to passengers missing the drills.  Most ships offer a make up drill however for some reason in this situation the couple was not offered the opportunity to attend the make up drill even though the ship was holding one.

Even if you are a seasoned cruiser, you have to attend the safety drill every time otherwise you may find yourself put off the ship.