New Airline Rules Start Jan. 1

The new airline rules start Jan. 1, 2012.  No more bait and switch!  Airlines can no longer quote you one price for a ticket and than when you get ready to pay for the ticket, pile a bunch of required taxes and fees on top of that price so you end up with an amount sometimes double the original price you were quoted.

Now airlines and travel agencies are required to quote you a price that includes the cost of the ticket plus all required taxes and fees.

Among the other protections:
• A ban on price increases after a ticket has been purchased
• A 24-hour window for passengers to hold or cancel a reservation without payment or penalty for reservations made a week or more before the departure date
• Required disclosure of baggage fees upon booking and on e-ticket confirmations
• Required prompt notification of delays of more than 30 minutes, cancellations and diversions
• The same baggage allowance and fees to apply throughout a passenger’s trip