More Bad News for Egypt

The sad state of Egypt’s tourism seems to be getting worse by the day.  With Islamic groups dominating in Egypt, new rules are being discussed in regards to tourist.  They want to restrict tourist from wearing bikinis on the beach, from drinking alcohol and mixed sun bathing on the beaches.  The goal is to have “sin free” tourism. 

There is even talk of refusing to let unmarried men and women from sharing a hotel room.  They haven’t said whether couples wanting to share a room will have to present their marriage certificates at check-in or not. But some sort of proof would have to be presented.

Clerics are also throwing their ideas into the mix as well, with ideas like separate beaches for men and women.   That sounds like a fun family vacation!   

We will have to wait and see if these laws pass and how far they will go with them.  One thing I am sure of is if they do pass they will have a negative effect on their tourism.  Tourism makes up 10 percent of Egypt’s economy and employs 10 million people.  The people in the tourist business there know just how bad these new restrictions would be for business and the country’s economy.  The minister of tourism in Egypt recently held his own protest at the steps of the Great Pyramid.  Good for him.  Probably didn’t make any difference but good for him.

Egypt is an amazing place.  It’s one of my favorite places I have been to and I hope they get this mess worked out soon and come to a conclusion that will encourage tourist to come back and not continue to scare them away.   Not only for us but for the people of Egypt as well.