New Airline Rules Start Jan. 1

The new airline rules start Jan. 1, 2012.  No more bait and switch!  Airlines can no longer quote you one price for a ticket and than when you get ready to pay for the ticket, pile a bunch of required taxes and fees on top of that price so you end up with an amount sometimes … [Read more…]

Italian Villas

After watching movies like Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat, Love Pray,  I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and spend a couple of weeks in a villa in the countryside just focusing on myself.  Maybe write that book I always wanted to write or paint, learn to speak Italian, read a novel, take a … [Read more…]

More Bad News for Egypt

The sad state of Egypt’s tourism seems to be getting worse by the day.  With Islamic groups dominating in Egypt, new rules are being discussed in regards to tourist.  They want to restrict tourist from wearing bikinis on the beach, from drinking alcohol and mixed sun bathing on the beaches.  The goal is to have … [Read more…]

Southwest Airlines Returning to Reality TV

A few years ago Southeaet Airlines had a reality TV show where cameras followed ticket agents and airline reps around showing all the crazy passengers and situations they had to deal with each day.  It was actually pretty entertaining.  Sometimes I felt for the agents and sometimes I totally related to the passengers.  The series is … [Read more…]