Tricky Tipping

Most people know the basics of tipping and that they should tip their waiter, the cab driver and the porter but there are a few situations that are a little more tricky.  When you book a tour sometimes the tour company will send a greeter to meet you are the airport to escort you to your driver and help load your luggage in the car.  People often remember to tip the driver but forget about the greeter.  Greeters should be tipped the same as the driver, about $3.00.  Other tips to include are:

·         Room Attendant – $5.00 per day

·         Private car and driver for full day of sightseeing – $20.00 ($5-$10 for half day)

·         Restroom Attendant – $2.00 per visit

·         Hiking Guide – $10.00 to $15.00 per day, per person

·         Whitewater Rafting – $10.00 per day

·         Safari Guide – $18.00 per day (at end of trip)

·         Babysitter – 20 percent of fee

·         Massage Therapists – 20 percent of fee, leave money at the front desk rather than leaving it on the table.