South Sudan

Who would would think the new country of South Sudan (as of July 9, 2011) has some of the most astonishing wildlife wilderness in what will soon become the Bandingalo National Park.  The Bandingalo’s migration of 1.2 million large animals are second only to the Serengeti’s in Tanzania.  The country’s new government says it wants to … [Read more…]

Preferred Suppliers

The department of transportation is considering passing a law that would require travel agencies to reveal who their preferred suppliers are.  This would be a great law, here’s why.  Every travel agency has preferred suppliers with whom they have negotiated higher commissions or bonuses for promoting and pushing their products before others.   And when a … [Read more…]

Tricky Tipping

Most people know the basics of tipping and that they should tip their waiter, the cab driver and the porter but there are a few situations that are a little more tricky.  When you book a tour sometimes the tour company will send a greeter to meet you are the airport to escort you to … [Read more…]

Georgia on my Mind

Just back from a trip to Georgia.  It’s the end of the fall color season, the weather was surprisingly warm.  It only rained briefly one day, the rest of the time the weather was great.  Some of the little differences between Georgia and California I noticed was most people don’t have fenced in backyards.  It’s … [Read more…]

Underwater Museum

This is one of the coolest museums you will ever see.  It is an underwater sculpture museum in Cancun, Mexico.  And the only way to see it is to dive down to it.  Its a diver’s paradise. Each of the 400 life sized sculptures are made from ph neutral clay in order to promote the … [Read more…]