Making Phone Calls While Abroad

When traveling internationally, calling home can be very expensive.  Forget making cell phone calls, it will cost you a fortune in roaming charges.  Back in the “old days” I use to buy an international calling card which usually worked pretty well.   However there were a few occasions when our hotel or bed & breakfast didn’t have a phone in the room and I had to use a nearby pay phone, which was not very convenient plus some of the pay phones wouldn’t work with the calling cards.

When my son and I traveled to Egypt I purchased an unlocked, international cell phone.  The phone would work with any local cell phone tower so there were no roaming charges.  I simply pre-purchased minutes which cost about .25 a minute.  Not cheap but I could re-load it at any time over the phone and the phone worked great from anywhere.  I even called home while on a river boat sailing down the Nile.

Today however, you have much better options for calling home, the internet.  Here are the top three companines:

ooVooWorks with – Smartphones (Android, iPhone), computers (windows, Mac)
                Cost – 1.8 cents per minute
                Range – 70 plus countries, mostly in Europe, North America and the Middle East
               What you should know – Up to 3 people can video chat for free and only 1 of you need
               to be an ooVoo user.  Others can join the conversation through any web browser. 
               There is no cost to download the program.

Skype – Works with – Smartphones (android, iPhone), computers (Windows, Macs), and on
               select TV ‘s
               Cost – 2.2 cents per minute.
               Range – Worldwide
               What you should know – The software itself is free but Skype does charge for features
               such as group calling and video calling.

Jajah – Works with – any computer, paired with any phone, smartphones (Android & iPhone).
             Cost – 3.2 cents per minute.
              Range – 156 countries.
             What you should know – You don’t have to download any software, just type your
             phone number and the number you are calling into your browser and wait for the
             phones to ring.  When both parties pickup you will be connected.

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