The Right Way to Complain

When you travel you have to do it with an open mind.  Even though you may have a set itinerary, plans can change at any time for numerous reasons.  Cruise itineraries often change due to weather conditions.  Some things, while they may be a disappointment, you can’t fault the cruise line or tour company, especially … [Read more…]

Vendor Harassment in Caribbean

If you have ever cruised to the Caribbean you know how bad the vendors at the ports can be.  The minute you step off the ship you are surrounded by aggressive peddlers.  While we were in in Jamaica the peddlers would come up to passengers and put items in their hands and then insist they … [Read more…]

Software to Spot Fake Reviews

More and more travelers are relying on reviews by other travelers when making their travel arrangements.  The problem is some travel product providers have placed fake reviews. Four students at Cornell University have created a software program that sniffs out bogus positive hotel reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp. The students claim testing … [Read more…]

The Best Cruise Line Shows

When cruising, the quality of the on board entertainment can make a huge difference in your cruising experience.  This is especially true if you have several sea days.  The last thing you want to be on a cruise is board.  Cruise lines are really starting to think outside of the box these days as far … [Read more…]

Britain by Rail

Great Britain is one of the top destinations in Europe and its well deserved.  The stunning countryside views, rich history are a favorite among travelers, not to mention the shopping!  And on top of that, they speak English…sort of. It is also extremely easy to get around.  The rail system makes traveling around England and … [Read more…]