New Airline Laws Challenged

ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) along with 2 discount airlines (Spirit and Allegiant) are challenging the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) new passenger protection rules set to go into affect on August 23, 2012.  The new rules require that agency websites that display fares must explain that baggage fees might apply and direct users to … [Read more…]

Continental Airlines One Pass Program Terminating

United and Continental airlines are merging their miles rewards programs resulting with the termination of Continental’s One Pass program.  Continental’s program will end on December 31, 2011. All Continental One Pass members will automatically be entered into United’s Mileage Plus program and their existing Continental miles will be transferred over to Mileage Plus. If you … [Read more…]

When You’ve Got to Go: Restrooms Around the World

Using the restroom while traveling abroad is an adventure in itself.  On my first international trip, I was in London looking for a restroom.  Being in a large upscale store like Harrod’s you would think that it wouldn’t be an issue.  I couldn’t find the restroom so I approached a sales clerk and asked her … [Read more…]