Celebrity’s New interactive Art Studio

Celebrity cruise line’s new ship the Silhouette, launching in July 2011, will feature an interactive arts program.  Located within the Lawn Club area, the art studio will feature lectures, demonstrations, sketching and painting classes and jewelry design.

Little Known Travel Sites

Most people have heard of sites like Travelocity and TripAdvisor but there are a lot of lesser known sites that are great tools in travel planning. Here are a three of those sites. Room77www.room77.comThis site is still up and coming but has some great information on it. The site shows photos of the view from … [Read more…]


When shopping in foreign countries your are sometimes charged a VAT tax, Value Added Tax. But some shoppers don’t realize that this tax is refundable to nonresidential shoppers. You just need to ask the shopkeeper for a VAT receipt. Sometimes there is a required minimum purchase however this is usually not a large amount, it … [Read more…]