Ryanair Adds New Fee

Ryanair will be adding a new fee of 2 euros or all bookings made after April 4 to cover the cost of compliance with E.U. directives about accommodating passengers whose trips are canceled or disrupted by so-called “force majeure” events such as natural disasters. 
Ryanair states they have incurred additional costs of 100 million euros last year due to disrupted European air travel because of volcanic ash clouds, severe snowstorms and air traffic controller strikes. The airline feels its unfair for them to have to give refunds for air travel, pay for meals, hotels and phone calls every time a flight is disrupted due to events beyond their control. They point out that rail, ferry and coach operators have no such liability so why should they.

A lot of travelers are already ticked off about all the ridiculous fees we are charged every time we fly. Sometimes the fees and taxes are higher then the price of the ticket. We already over pay, yet the airlines is upset about handing out a $10 meal voucher or paying for a phone call. And how often do airlines pay for a hotel room when the delay is not their fault, not often. What about the delays and cancellations that are the airlines fault and no compensation is offered to passengers. Perhaps we should just call it even.

Hopefully other airlines won’t follow Ryanair’s example.