Prepaid Cash Card

Back in the day traveler’s always used traveler’s check but now because of all the fraud, many places don’t like traveler’s checks. And many people aren’t comfortable carrying around a bunch of cash. Credit cards are the usual choice when traveling aboard but with the high currency exchange fee’s people are looking for another option. Why not consider a prepaid debit card. You can purchase a Cash Passport prepaid debit card from Travelex at the airport. You will need cash to prepay the card with and make sure you get the debit card in the currency for the country you will be visiting.

The nice thing is that the debit card is not linked to any bank account so if it gets lost or stolen you don’t have to worry about anybody having access to your bank account. If they do turn up missing al you have to do is call Travelex and they will put a stop on the card and issue you a new one.

You will get a better rate the more money you put on the account so for a couple, it is better to get open 1 account get 2 cards then for each person to open their own account. You can also check your balance and transactions anytime online.

When you return from your vacation you can cash out any remaining currency on the card.