Airline Passenger Rights

On CNN News this morning there was a story about several planes in Maine, who had planes full of international passengers who were made to sit on the tarmac for over 7 hours, some over 8 hours. Some passengers were told they couldn’t get off the plane because all the custom agents had gone home, … [Read more…]

Unusual Airports

Kansai International Airport – JapanWith land being scarce in Japan, engineers decided to create their own land. About 3 miles off the shore of Osaka Bay, a manmade island was created so a airport could be built there. The island is 2.5 miles long and 1.6 miles wide. Work started in 1987 and was completed … [Read more…]

Cell Phone Language Translators

These language transation app are great from travelers.  Language barriers can be very frustrating.  One time while my family was in Florence, Italy, we were having pizza at this little restaurant when the waitress came over and said something in Italian. I thought she said “do you want some more” referring to my drink. So I said no.  … [Read more…]

Prepaid Cash Card

Back in the day traveler’s always used traveler’s check but now because of all the fraud, many places don’t like traveler’s checks. And many people aren’t comfortable carrying around a bunch of cash. Credit cards are the usual choice when traveling aboard but with the high currency exchange fee’s people are looking for another option. … [Read more…]

Tulips Time in Amsterdam

Spring time is tulip season in Amsterdam. If you love flowers you won’t believe the colorful display of tulips and other springtime bulbs in bloom! The unforgettable seasonal display is created by more than seven million tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, spring bulbs and gorgeous trees. This is Holand at its best. Tulip Time Cruise 2011 9 … [Read more…]

Health Alerts

Sometimes when planning a trip we get so excited about where we are going we don’t consider potential health risks. So how do you go about checking to see if there are any health concerns or disease outbreaks in a particular country? Here are three sites to checkout. Health MapThe Health Map combines information received … [Read more…]

Travel Contests

The Travel Channel set of luggage filled with $10,000 Woman’s Day Tickets to anywhere Virgin America fly’s. Expires: 12/15/2010 Choice Hotels to HawaiiExpires: 12/15/2010 Burt’s Bee’s to the Brazilian AmazonExpires: 12/31/2010 Buitoni Days in ItalyExpires: 12/31/2010 Caribbean Cruise 21/31/2010 Belize Spa Getaway 12/31/2010

Funny Travel story

I heard this funny travel story and thought I would share it. Its about Thomas, in his late 20’s, who was traveling on a train in Thailand. The train ride included crossing the famous WWII “Bridge Over the River Kwai.” As the ancient steam engine run Death Railway train lurched and swayed rather violently while … [Read more…]

Read it Then Return it

Paradies shops operates book stores in airports across the country (i.e. New York Times Bookstores). The shops have a great Read & Return program. The program allows travelers to: *Buy a book *Read it *Return it to any participating store within six months *Receive 50% of your money back! The program is good on all … [Read more…]