Whacky Laws

People who travel regularly know the things to watch out for when traveling to a foreign country. Don’t drink the water, be prepared for delays or know the local customs as far as tipping, but most there are also some really crazy laws out there that can catch travelers off guard. Here are a few that might surprise you:

The Penny Law: In Canada there is a limit on the number of pennies you can use at one time. You are only allowed to use up to 25 pennies per transaction.

No Sudafed – Some medications that you can get over the counter here in the States are illegal in Japan, such as Sudafed and Vicks products as well as any product that contains Pseudoephedrine. If you get caught going through customs with these types of products the only thing you may end up touring is the inside of the local jail.

Don’t Forget to Flush: Singapore prides itself on clean public toilets. Everyone is expected to do their part so if you get caught not flushing you could be fined.

Visiting the Red-Light District: In Sweden, it is legal for women to practice the oldest profession in the world, prostitution. However if you are tempted to take them up on their offer you may find yourself in some hot water. While it is legal for the women to prostitute, it is illegal for men to pay such services and if caught you could face anything from fines to jail time.

Man’s Best Friend: In Germany, any dog considered to be a dangerous breed is not allowed to live in the country. If you are traveling with the family pet the dog will only be allowed to be within the country for up to 4 weeks.

Celebrating Halloween: If you are planning a trip to Scandinavia over Halloween and decide to wear a mask in honor of the holiday, you may find yourself locked up. In Demark it is illegal to wear a mask in public.

Driving in the Philippines: During rush hour in many of the major cities in the Philippines, vehicles can only be driven on certain days. The days a vehicle can be driven is determined by the last four digits of its license plate. If your are thinking about using a scooter make sure you know the laws, you can be ticketed for driving one while wearing sandals or with bare feet.

Armed and Dangerous: Many people in Asia use water balloons and buckets of water to ring in the new year. However in Cambodia it is illegal to use water guns. So if you are planning to participate in the festivities choose your water weapon wisely.

The Smart Mouth: When in Thailand you better watch what you say, noting will send you to the slammer faster then bad mouthing the King. But the good news is you will probably be pardon – after five months or so in prison.

Fee for Listening: If you would like to listen to a little music while riding in your cab in Finland, you can forget it. Taxi drivers are charged a copyright fee for every song played on the radio, since it is considered a public venue.