Crazy Hotels

Elqui Domos Hotel – Chile

Rooms are 7 geodesic domes that on the inside are furnished in a two storey plan: on the first floor a living room and the bathroom, and in the second storey the main bed and a detachable roof over it.
Each dome has an ample terrace. Other services, such as fridge bar, free tea & coffee and specialized astronomic literature, are also part of what we offer. Barbeques and cutlery are available for you.
Services are focused on sky wealth, so they are composed of: specialized astronomic tours, nighttime horse rides. Bike rental, daytime horse rides, car rental are available among other services. Please, let us know what you need, so we can set it up.


Jules Underwater Hotel – Florida Keys
Jules’ Undersea Lodge has been featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”, in “Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue”, in countless magazines and newspapers, and on every major television network in the world.
For the first time in history an authentic underwater research habitat is open to the average person–sport divers and even those who have never before dived. And although Jules’ still functions as a research lab, you will be pleased to know that it has air-conditioning, hot showers, stereo music, VCR/DVD, a fully stocked galley, and unlimited diving for certified divers!

Your stay includes all dive gear, a gourmet dinner prepared by our “mer-chef” and breakfast in the morning. Guests may spend multiple days underwater without surfacing. While you’re visiting Jules’ Undersea Lodge earn yourself a PADI or NAUI certification by taking our Habitat Specialty Program. Jules’ Undersea Lodge is the only place you will ever earn this particular specialty.


The Ice Hotel – Sweden

Sweden’s Ice Hotel is built from scratch every year. A new design, new suites, a brand new reception – in fact everything in it is crisp and new.

The Ice Hotel is situated on the shores of the Torne River, in the old village of Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland.

10 000 tons of crystal clear ice from the ‘ice manufacturing plant’, the Torne River, and 30 000 tons of pure snow generously supplied by Mother Nature are needed to build the Ice Hotel every year. The hotel sleeps over 100 guests, and every bedroom is unique.

Covering more than 30,000 square feet, the Ice Hotel includes an Ice Chapel, the hotel itself, an ice art exhibition hall, a cinema and last but not least, the world famous ‘Absolut Ice Bar’.



Gamirasu Cave Hotel – Turkey

Gamirasu is the name of an exquisitely restored 30 rooms troglodyte cave house opened in 1999, in Ayvali Village near Urgup in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey.

The hotel is located in a restored thousand-year-old Byzantine monastic retreat which offers modern conveniences without distracting from the spiritual feeling of the area which has been known to be inhabited for more than five thousand years.

Gamirasu cave Hotel is featured in major international travel guides as one of the best cave hotels of Cappadocia. It is also mentioned as a romantic escape for honeymoons in wedding magazines.

The hotel has a total of 30 rooms: Standard Double, Deluxe Rooms, Cave Suites, Family Suites and Superior Suites.


The Jail Hotel – Australia

If you’ve ever spent a night in jail you probably don’t want to go back. However, for the do-gooders that may never get there – The Jail in Australia is just the place to get locked up for the night, sans the legal fees and court appearance. This old prison in Mount Gambier has been transformed into a lodging aimed at budget travelers. Considering guests will have to eat in the mess hall and sleep next to a toilet, it’s pretty safe to say that anyone with more than budget needs should steer clear of The Jail.


Poseidon Undersea Resort (Fiji): an underwater hotel

Accessible by elevator and nestled in the crystal clear waters of a 5000 acre lagoon where you can spend the night 40 feet under the sea.


Green Magic Nature Resort – India
500 acres of pristine verdant tropical rainforest. A totally dedicated Eco-lodge and ethnic houses built on trees with all basic facilities. Access to the Tree House (86 feet above from the ground level) by an indigenous cane lift is worked by a unique counter weight of water. Double beds with an attached bathroom with flushing toilette, telephone shower, wash basin with running water, carpeted veranda and sit-out. The House is made of Eco-friendly materials.Food is prepared from fruits and vegetables grown in the organic farm without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.



Exploranter – Overland Hotel – Brazil
Exploranter is a mobile hotel, fully equipped with industrial kitchen, hot showers, 30 leather seats, 28 beds and lots of mobility.
Exploranter is a Hotel on Wheels.
The highlight is the human atmosphere in trips. Surrounded by the most amazing landscapes, guests make friends and live an unforgettable experience. The Exploranter team goal is to tease guest senses.
Trips range from 1 week routes to 22 days expeditions.



Propeller Island City – Berlin Germany

Propeller island – this means aesthetic sensation for the eye and the ear. Propeller island is a pseudonym used by the German artist Lars Stroschen to publish his audio-visual creations. unlimited diversity, repeating nothing and copying nothing are the guiding principles here.

There are several different themed rooms – all crazy! You have to see the pictures to believe it. No two rooms are alike. Room themes: Slanted floor, square graphics, suspended bed, mirrors, tubular room, steel sails, topsy-turvy room, coffin room (yes, you sleep in coffins, yikes!), and the list goes on and on.

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