Bedbugs are becoming a huge problem. Not only are they infesting people’s homes but also hotels, stores, businesses and college dorms. Travelers need to be alert, even if they are staying in an upper class hotel, it doesn’t guarantee them safety from bedbugs. Its good to get into the habit of looking at your bed before you get into it just to make sure there’s nothing else sleeping with you. You can easily bring them home with you in your suitcases. Hard shell suitcases offer more protection them cloth ones but none offer 100% protection.

If you do end up bringing some home with you, the sooner you get rid of them the better. The longer you have them the greater the infestation will be and the harder it will be to get ride of them.

Tips for staying bedbug safe while traveling:

Encase all your mattresses prior to leaving on your trip.

This is a very important pro-active step that will prevent bed bugs from getting inside of your mattresses & box springs and will aid in the early detection of the bugs in the event that you accidentally bring bed bugs into your home

Pack Heavy Duty Plastic Bags in Your Car
Purchase heavy duty plastic bags that are large enough to place your luggage in. When you return from your trip it will be important to seal your luggage in these bags before placing them in your car. This will isolate any bed bugs that may be associated with your luggage and prevent your vehicle from becoming infested on your way back home.

Packing for your Trip
Hard shelled luggage is less bed bug friendly than fabric. Clothing that can be hot laundered or dry cleaned can be easily dealt with when you get home, however items that cannot be laundered such as electronics toiletries etc. can be packed in sealed Ziploc® bags to protect them from becoming infested should you encounter bed bugs.

Keep Luggage Closed and Away from Bed Bug Prone Areas
Keep all zippers closed and do not place or store luggage on or next to beds, upholstered furniture or in a closet. The further away you store your luggage from these areas the better.

Keep items that cannot be laundered in sealed Ziploc Bags
Items that cannot be laundered such as books, electronics, toiletries, jewelry etc should be kept sealed in Ziploc bags whenever they are not in use. Even laptop computers can be kept in sealed Ziploc® bags when not in use, especially during the nighttime hours while you are sleeping.

Conduct a Very Basic Inspection of the Bed
A well established infestation of bed bugs may be detected by pulling back the bed linens and checking the visible edges of the mattress and box spring. You are looking for evidence of live bugs, dark brownish to black spots/stains or shed skins from bedbugs.

Notify Property Management Immediately if You Suspect Bed Bugs
Notify the property management if at anytime during your stay you see evidence of what you believe might be bed bugs or you begin to develop itchy welts on your body. Just because you see an insect or develop bite-like symptoms does not mean that bedbugs are present, but management should be aware of your concern so that the possibility of bed bugs can be investigated

When returning home:

Unpack Luggage Carefully and Methodically
* Do not take your luggage inside your home. If possible, unpack your luggage in an area that is well lit and away from any furniture and sleeping areas, for example outdoors, in a garage, or in a cleared area in the basement.
• Unpack one suitcase at a time, separating clothing that can be laundered, clothing that must be dry cleaned and items that cannot be laundered.
• Items that cannot be laundered that were sealed in Ziploc bags throughout your stay can be removed from the bags and the bags immediately discarded in an outdoor trash receptacle. If you were diligent in keeping these items sealed while traveling accept for times that they were in use, the likelihood of these items being infested is minimal.
• Clothing that can be hot laundered should be sealed in plastic garbage bags, or dissolvable laundry bags then sealed tightly and placed aside. When bagging the clothing it is a good idea to separate the clothing into one bag for light colors and a separate bag for dark colors. Clothing that requires dry cleaning should be placed in a plastic garbage bag, sealed and placed aside.

• All bagged items should remain sealed in the bags until they can either be hot laundered, or dry cleaned .

Inspect your mattress and box spring encasements

Your final defense in catching bed bugs early is your encasement you installed on your bed prior to travel. Encasement should be inspected from time to time after returning from your trip. If any evidence of bed bugs is detected or you begin to experience itchy welts you should immediately call a pest management professional to investigate the possibility of bed bugs.

There are several different products available for travelers to help protect them from bedbugs.

PackTite Portable Heat Unit  The PackTite is a portable heating unit that provides a safe, non-chemical method for eradicating “stow away” bed bugs in you luggage and other infested items that cannot be treated with pesticides or laundered. Price: $320.00
Hot Shot No-Pest Strips The Hot Shot® No-Pest® Strip is a very effective product for killing bed bugs and their eggs. These strips are ideal for infested non-consumable items that cannot be laundered, treated with liquid pesticides or with heat. Price: $6.49
Rest Easy Bed Bug Luggage Spray Protect your luggage and prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride to your home with Rest Easy Bedbug Spray. Price: $15.00
Bed Bug Travel Guide (PDF Download) Authored by the Bed Bug Experts at, this exclusive publication is designed for Frequent Travelers, college students, and anyone that may be worried about bringing bed bugs home. Price: $20.95
GreenClean Dissolvable Laundry Bags  GreenClean dissolvable laundry bags were created as convenient and easy solution for transporting laundry that may be infested by bed bugs without the worry of spreading these pest and their eggs throughout your residence. Price: Price Varies

Bed Bug Travel Kit   Bed Bug Central’s Travel Kit includes everything you need to help you remain bed bug free during your travels. Price: $36.95

BugZip Garment Bag   Encasement BugZip is specially designed to resist bed bugs. Encasing your luggage and belongings with BugZip reduces the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home with you or place to place. Price: $17.99
BugZip Drawer Liner   BugZip is specially designed to resist bed bugs. Encasing your luggage and belongings with BugZip reduces the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home with you or place to place. Price: $9.99
BugZip Suitcase Encasement      BugZip is specially designed to resist bed bugs. Encasing your luggage and belongings with BugZip reduces the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home with you or place to place. Price: Price Varies by Size
Bed Bug College Kit (At School) BedBug Central has developed a college survival kit to provide students with all the items they will need to help them remain bed bug free during their college years. Price: $124.17
Bed Bug College Kit (At Home) Price: $326.00
These products found at:

  1. Toronto Bed Bug Exterminator – Determining bed bug infestation is essential for removing this problem completely. However, this is a very challenging task. You can identify the bed bug infestation by observing the bite marks that appear on your neck, face, hands, arms, thighs, or any other part of your body. However, it will take around 14 days to appear these symptoms in some people. Therefore you need to investigate other clues for determining the bed bug infestation

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