Ridiculous Airline Fees

Curb Side Luggage Fee
If you check your luggage in curbside you will have to pay $2.00 per bag. Apparently that’s what it costs to move your suit cases a few extra feet.

Seat Assigment Fee
If you want a pre-assigned seat it will cost you on Air Trans Airlines. The kicker is the price varies by seat!

Reservatin Over the Phone
Airlines are charging between $5.00 and $20.00 fee for making a reservation over the phone verses the internet.

Cashing in frequent flyer miles without sufficient advance notice
Airlines such as Continental, and United are charging a $75.00 penilty if you book a miles reward ticket less the 3 days in advance. Delta wasnts a 22 day advance notice and American Airlines wants $100.00 if you book less then 6 days in advance.

Checked Luggage
American Airlines charges $25.00 each way ($50.00 round trip) for your first checked bag.

Taking an Ealier or Later Flight
It use to be when you got to the airport if there was available seats on a earlier or later flight you could change your ticket to one of those flights but now it will cost you. American, Continental, JetBlue, Northwest, and US Air charge $25; Delta and United charge $50.

Holding Your Child on Your Lap
Some airlines are charging for any children or babies that you will be holding on your lap. Fee’s run from $10.00 to 10% of a adult ticket price.