What You Need to Know Before You Get to the Airport

Airline Food
If your curious about the type of food an airline serves this site has pictures passengers have taken of their in flight meals.

Airport Reviews
Travelers review airports and give detailed descriptions of their experiences. This can really come in handy if you will be having a long layover and want to know what to expect.


The Best and Worst Airline Safety Records
Lookup airlines safety records. Find out who has the best and worst safety records. You will also find instructions on how to file a complaint against an airline. They even have the form for you to fill out.

Choosing the Right Seat
All seats are not equal. Some seats don’t recline, some have a little extra leg room, some seats are too close to the galley or bathroom. The seat guru will tell you what the best and worst seats on the plane are. You just enter the airline name and plane type.

Airport Parking
I know the last thing you will probably be thinking about when heading out on a flight or vacation is how much the airport parking will cost you but when you get the bill it stings. At www.airportdiscountparking.com you will find discount airport parking coupons.