5 Facts About Airline Tickets

1. Not all seats in the same class (economy, business)
on the same flight are the same price. Airlines only sell a certain number of the cheaper fares on each flight. Once that number has been filled the price goes up to the next level. The person sitting right next to you may have paid half as much for their ticket as you did or it could be the other way around and they paid twice as much as you did.

2. Non-stop flights will cost you more then flights
that require you to stop and change planes. There are definitely advantages to non-stop flights so you will need to decide if those advantages are worth the extra money you will have to pay.

3. Non-stop flights are not the same as a direct flight. A non-stop means just that, the plane doesn’t stop. You go straight from point A to point B. With a direct flight you will not have to change planes but you may touch down at another airport on the way to your destination.

4. You will pay more if you purchase a “open jaw” ticket. A example of a open jaw ticket would be if you flew out of Los Angeles and into Dallas and then made your way to Houston and then flew from Houston back to Los Angeles. You don’t fly from point A to point B and back from point B to point A. Instead you would fly from point A to point B and return from point C to point A.

5. Two one way tickets will cost you more then 1 round trip ticket. Though if you will be purchasing an open jaw ticket I would suggest comparing the cost of the open jaw ticket with the cost of 2 one way tickets. This is the one situation when 2 one ticket may be cheaper then 1 open jaw ticket.