Shaping Up for Your Vacation

Getting Ready for Your Vacation

Many cities, especially in Europe, are compact and easy to walk around (and the shopping areas can go on for miles). Which will help save money since you don’t have to hire a cab or use public transportation. However, unless you already to a fair amount of walking, spending several days walking around a city can be exhausting. That is why I start working out a couple of months before I take on such a task.

On my first trip to England we walked non-stop for a week and let me tell you the entire country of England is up hill. By the second morning I could really feel the soreness in my legs which made it even harder to walk around that day.

I got smart after that trip and now before I got on a trip I prepare ahead of time for all the walking I will be doing. We have a nice park in town that has a walking track, I usually start off with 2 laps twice a week and work my way up to 4 laps or more 3 times a week. If you don’t have a park nearby walk around your neighborhood. If you are unable to find a place to walk you can still workout at home. Any type of exercise that will strengthen your legs will work. Try some lunges, squats, run up and down stairs or if you a pool swimming is a great workout for you legs. It will really make a huge difference on your trip.

Even if you are going on an escorted tour in which you will be bused around and you anticipate little walking, you still should do some sort of workout. There can still be a fair amount of walking on escorted tour. On my escorted tour of Egypt we had to walk up a few long sets of stairs, walk from the bus parking area to sites, climb up on the pyramids (this was an option but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity), and in some cases walk to and from sites. So there can be more walking then you might think.

The last thing you will want to spoil your vacation is exhaustion and sore muscles, so shape up before you go.

Good walking shoes are a must. If you don’t have any get a pair and wear them during your workouts and for a couple of weeks before you go. You should never buy new shoes and wait until you are on your trip to wear them, break them in before you go so you will know if they will bother your feet in someway.