Packing for Kids

When vacationing with kids its important to give some serious thought into what you will pack for them. When traveling with my young son I always had a few surprises for him throughout the trip.

For several months before the trip I bought a few small toys and tucked them away. I wouldn’t give them all to him at once. I gave him a couple at the start of trip to entertain him while traveling to our destination and the rest of the toys I presented to him every few days throughout the trip.

When choosing toys to buy, the first thing you should keep in mind is the noise factor. While a toy may initially seem cute after a hour of sitting in a car or on a plane listening to it over and over again it probably won’t seem so cute. You also don’t want to drive anyone around you crazy.

Good choices include coloring books and crayons, books, small dolls or action figures.
One of my favorite item to bring to entertain my son is a portable DVD player. These are worth every penny. I get a few new movies for my son, he plugs in the headphones and there you have it…peace. IPods or MP3 players are also great choices. And don’t forget the snacks.

When traveling by car I put several of the toys in a plastic container to keep the toys from getting lost of spilling all over the car. If traveling by plane I use a small mesh bag to keep all his toys together.

I never let my son see anything I get for him for the trip so it will be a surprise.
For help with your packing here is a downloadable packing worksheet: