Earm Miles or Paypal Credits by Taking Surveys

On this site you take surveys and earn rewards. Its very easy to do. The surveys take about 15 minutes. Its free to signup. Definitely worth checking out and a easy way to earn miles. I just took a survey and earned 75 American Airlines miles. Remember to register with American Airlines on their site if you don’t have a miles frequent flyer number. You will need this number so you can collect your miles on Opinion Place. It takes a few weeks before you will see your miles posted to your miles account. You can only take 1 survey every 14 days.

This site work like Opinion Place. You earn miles for viewing various advertisements and/or answering a few questions. There are fewer question to answer so it goes quicker. You can do several short surveys in one day. You usually earn from 5 to 15 miles for each survey and are given a sign on bonus.

Here is another site worth checking out.